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11,000 homes registered to the Home Quality Mark

More than 11,000 homes are now registered for assessment under the Home Quality Mark.

In August I wrote a blog about 4000 homes registered to use the Home Quality Mark, by November this has now surpassed 11,000 and continues to rise.

We tweeted in September wondering if we could get to 10,000 homes by the end of the year looks like we have already surpassed that.


No, this doesn’t mean that the HQM team gets to breaks for Christmas in early December (booo), it looks as if the registrations will continue to rise potentially by another 5000 by the end of the year.

Clearly developers want to prove that they are building homes that are better than their competitors, keen to communicate to their potential householders the benefits of high performing homes.

At the moment it appears that registrations fall into 3 categories;

1)Developers who have sustainability / high quality in their DNA, this could be high end developers or those who are likely to have a longer term relationship with the building.

2) A fair amount of registrations are from small to medium sized developers, who are trying to prove that they are doing something different.  It is really positive to see SME housebuilders showing how they can keep ahead of the curve.

3) Site dependant; where the site is controversial or may have some sort of planning difficulty, there are some sites where the developer has said that they are registered to HQM, which is helping the planning process.

The registrations are split across around 80 sites, with developments ranging from SME housebuilders to multinational developers.

HQM is applicable to all types of homes ranging from single detached homes to high rise developments.  All sorts of tenures are being used both affordable housebuilders, private sale and letting.   As you can see from the map, registrations are from all over England (Scotland and Wales versions of HQM are to be released in the new year).

11000 Homes Home Quality Mark

Some of the developers that have registered to use HQM include; Derwent London, Egg Homes,  Jones Building Group, LendLease, Blueprint (Igloo), Rocco Homes, Lumiere, Volkerfitzpatrick, Crest Nicholson, Evoora Construction, Places for People, Higgins Homes, Broadland Housing Group and many more.  There are significant numbers of joint ventures between financial organisations, local authorities, developers and construction firms who are involved with HQM developments.  Collaboration clearly seems to be the way forward for high quality developments.

The HQM team, are working with these developers (and more!) alongside the 135+ HQM assessors to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible and that registrations turn into certification.

Feedback from this work is being incorporated for future updates of the scheme.

Thanks to all those developers, assessors and everyone else who has helped us get this far.