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BREEAM Version 7 consultation: Shaping the future of BREEAM

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Introduction to the BREEAM Version 7 consultation

At a time when global pressures to reduce our environmental impact are at an all-time high, carbon-related goals and policies are ever more ambitious, and stakeholders are more likely to evaluate companies on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, our customers are looking to BREEAM for solutions.

In a rapidly changing market, our stakeholders emphasise the necessity of BREEAM’s support for their Net Zero Carbon (NZC) journey. For businesses, knowing where to begin, where to prioritise investment, and preparing for increased transparency in performance disclosure is crucial. BREEAM can play a vital role by benchmarking and highlighting performance improvements throughout the lifecycle of their assets and portfolios.

Download the BREEAM Version 7 consultation report

The BREEAM V7 consultation presented an opportunity for stakeholders to preview and influence key features of the upcoming BREEAM V7, set for release in 2024. With a focus on updating whole life carbon and energy credits, BREEAM V7 will apply to the New Construction, In-Use, and Refurbishment and Fit-Out schemes.

The feedback gathered from the many organisations, assessors and built environment stakeholders around the world, and across the full asset value chain will enable us to ensure the BREEAM suite of products reflects the latest and most rigorous science in relation to net zero carbon and developments in international regulation.

Complete the form below to download the report to explore the key insights and outcomes of the consultation, as well as the benefits of BREEAM V7 for different actors within the built environment. 

BREEAM V7 – energy & carbon

A new way of updating BREEAM – modular focus

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BREEAM New Construction

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BREEAM In-use Commercial & Residential

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BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit-Out

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BREEAM V7 will:

  • Align metrics across our BREEAM suite of standards to enable consistent carbon measurement and comparability throughout a building’s lifecycle
  • Add value by using metrics that align with other reporting frameworks
  • Track a building on its pathway to net zero carbon – Include requirements for benchmarking of upfront & embodied carbon
  • Place emphasis on the performance of the building rather than the specific processes and metrics used to create it

Allowing users to:

  • Identify performance gaps between design intent and operational performance to support continuous improvement in real estate performance
  • Demonstrate asset improvement journey and value of actions taken
  • Access more data and insight due to improved data flow across schemes
  • Benefit from easier connectivity with third party systems


What happens next?

We are currently incorporating your feedback into the BREEAM V7 planning and will keep you updated with the latest developments over the coming months.

If you have any questions about BREEAM V7 or wish to add further comment on the proposals outlined in the consultation, please contact us (reference: BREEAM V7).

We look forward to co-creating the evolution of BREEAM with you.