Nhood & BRE enter into groundbreaking portfolio certification partnership

In an industry first for their sector, Nhood and BRE will collaborate to implement BREEAM In-Use International across the entire Nhood Invest portfolio of buildings, through 2021-2025, in a landmark strategic alliance.

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This key partnership will be an industry-first for sites of this kind, and is a demonstration of Nhood’s commitment to sustainability and green leadership. Nhood are setting a very high standard for other developers in the field due to the sheer size of the project, covering over 130 sites in many European countries. This project also demonstrates BRE’s leadership in terms of innovation, bringing its certification schemes to an ever-growing range of new and emerging asset classes.

In this innovative agreement, BRE and Nhood as the client, issued a joint Request for Proposals (RFP) in a tender to the BREEAM Assessor network. This approach allows the huge volume of assessments to be managed more quickly and efficiently via a panel of Assessors, all operating with high levels of experience and at scale. The tender process was open to all BREEAM Asssessors to 1st September, ensuring the ultimate level of fairness and transparency to the market. Many proposals were received and a decision is expected to be reached in the coming month.

In driving through this independent, robust and third-party certification, Nhood’s approach to environmental principles is clear, sending a message to the real estate market that there is no time to waste in the improvement needed to the performance of a large proportion of existing buildings.

The BREEAM In-Use scheme provides a science-based sustainability certification that allows Nhood to measure, manage, track and enhance the operation of all of theirasset portfolio. The BREEAM In-Use digital platform will quickly allow comparison of the performance of assets across territories so that asset managers can learn from each other to make improvements.


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