A city skyline with a large green park space in the foreground

The BREEAM USA store is now accepting orders for building certification plaques

A city skyline with a large green park space in the foreground

Achieving BREEAM certification is no easy feat. That’s why we are excited to invite you to shop the recently launched BREEAM USA Store, which is accepting new orders for BREEAM building plaques that will proudly showcase this well-earned certification to current and prospective tenants, visitors and the local community.

Beyond serving as a prominent display of your organization’s thoughtful sustainable stewardship, research continues to show that tenants are willing to pay more for spaces where sustainable performance is a demonstrated priority.

We’re thrilled to launch the BREEAM USA Store as a resource for companies to aptly celebrate their green building achievements,” said Breana Wheeler, Director of Operations at BREEAM USA. “The benefits of showcasing an asset’s BREEAM credentials in eco-conscious style are twofold: This display serves as an effective way to differentiate a building within the built environment and attract choice occupants who share similar ESG values.

The store is managed by Rivanna Natural Designs, an award-winning leader in responsible forestry and one of America’s most respected award companies. A Certified B Corp for over a decade, Rivanna has been recognized as a Best for the World™ company 12 times since 2014 for exemplary environmental performance, commitment to community, and dedication to workers.  This latest offering features a range of crafted plaques made with recycled materials and sustainably sourced timber.

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