BREEAM today announce the launch of the interactive BREEAM and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mapping

By aligning the BREEAM schemes to the goals, we can show how they are supporting the SDGs on an indicator level

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The SDGs are 17 overarching sustainability goals that are broken down into 169 targets and are measured through 247 indicators. The SDGs address the key global challenges being faced, such as climate change, environmental degradation and socio-economic issues such as human health and wellbeing, inequality and justice, visioning and aiming for a better, more sustainable world for all.

We have mapped the BREEAM suite of schemes to the SDGs to show how they help to facilitate the achievement of these goals. The correlations between the two were shown through direct and indirect links between the issues and criteria within the schemes and the indicators of the Goals.



Every organisation has a part to play in facilitating the achievement of the SDGs, and the construction industry has an essential role in the move towards a more sustainable world for all. By aligning the BREEAM schemes to the goals, we can show how they are supporting the SDGs on an indicator level. There is a correlation between 14 of the 17 SDGs and the BREEAM schemes criteria.

The interactive webpage allows users to explore the different SDG goals and quickly understand how and where BREEAM criteria supports the built environment in achieving these goals. This will enable those assessing their assets to the BREEAM schemes to easily map and demonstrate how their assets are being designed, constructed and operated in a way that supports the aims of the SDGs.

We have also developed a free downloadable pdf that explains the context of the BREEAM schemes in relation to the SDGs and provides a high level overview of the synergies between the schemes and various SDGs goals.

In our role to support the built environment in creating a more sustainable future for all, BREEAM will continue to develop our schemes to support the work of the SDGs and the interactive page will be updated as new versions of BREEAM schemes are launched.


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