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BREEAM New Construction Version 6.1 launched in response to updated building regulations

new construction project

BREEAM UK New Construction Version 6.1 has launched in response to updated building regulations in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This follows the launch of BREEAM UK New Construction Version 6.0 in August 2022.

The changes will continue to guide improvements in building energy efficiency and occupant wellbeing – two key focus areas within current BREEAM standards.

This guarantees that our customers in the UK – including property investors, developers, building owners, and occupiers – have a route to achieve BREEAM certification. It also continues to ensure BREEAM rewards projects that exceed regulatory minimums and strive for – and beyond – best practice.

The updated manual is now available to download, and the new release is open for registration.

Projects assessed against the new Version 6.1 will incorporate the updated building regulations in the following ways:

  • Updated energy performance scales (translator curves) for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, using the latest versions of the building regulations and SBEM outputs in these countries (Ene 01)
  • Updated methodology and calculator for multi-residential assessments that include SAP, using the latest versions of the building regulations and SAP outputs in all UK countries (Ene 01)
  • Updated reference to the latest design acoustic performance guidance for law court buildings (Hea 05)


All changes can be found in the ‘Schedule of changes’ in the technical manual.

Scheme selection

We recognise that not all projects in the UK will be following the updated Building Regulations so both BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 and BREEAM UK New Construction Version 6 will remain available for new registrations.

Projects in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have the option to register against 2018 or Version 6.1.

For all projects in the UK, you must select the BREEAM scheme based on the version of Building Regulations being used:

  • Previous building regulations (2010/2012/2014/2016): BREEAM UKNC 2018
  • Latest building regulations (2021/2022/2023): BREEAM UKNC Version 6.1


Please note: Credits awarded in Ene 01 will be based on the specified version of building regulations. If the incorrect scheme has been selected the assessment will result in non-compliance at the QA and certification stage.

We’re pleased to be releasing this update which ensures that BREEAM is compatible with all Building Regulations across the UK.

– BREEAM Product Manager Tamsin McCabe.

BREEAM provides a holistic, balanced, and accessible way to assess the sustainability of a building. It uses a flexible approach which considers energy, carbon, health & wellbeing, water, materials, waste and more and has been shown to create healthy, comfortable, high-performing buildings which meet the needs of building owners, occupants, and investors by achieving higher building values and incomes due to the multiple benefits delivered by sustainable buildings.

Find out more about BREEAM New Construction and download the V6.1 manual here, and register for Version 6.1 here.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 0370 218 6970 or fill out our contact form, and one of our experts will be in touch.