Built in 2011, The Prince’s Natural House demonstrates how a traditional, low-tech, and low-carbon house can be achieved by housebuilders seeking to meet stringent carbon targets for new homes.

It is a highly energy-efficient building with a traditional design.

Overview of The Prince’s House


Designed by the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, the house is constructed from natural materials. It comprises two separate units: one complete and one left unfinished.

It is built from natural materials including aerated clay block, lime-based renders and plasters, and insulation using compressed wood fibre and sheep wool. The thermally coherent shell delivers energy efficiency and good indoor air quality.

Simple and quick to build, it is designed to appeal to an increasingly eco-aware homebuyer.

Key features of The Prince’s House


  • A simple structure which can be built with conventional skills, more quickly than traditional brick and block
  • Solid walls made from strong, lightweight clay blocks with external lime render, high levels of thermal insulation and lower embodied energy than conventional bricks
  • Wood fibre and sheep wool roof insulation
  • Natural, non-toxic materials for a healthier indoor environment
  • Passive ventilation system modulates airflow according to the local relative humidity levels
  • Materials sourced with view to maximising end of life recyclability – includes floors and windows made from FSC-certified timber and clay roof tiles
  • Organic garden featuring native wildflowers and grasses, fruiting shrubs and trees, herbs, vegetables and horticultural plants
  • Wood burning stove with gas boiler

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