Windows and doors: Residential Security certification scheme

LPCB’s Window and Doors Residential Security scheme is based on a thorough assessment to PAS 24:2012

Approval of your doors and windows through our Residential Security scheme will give your customers full confidence in the effectiveness of the security doors and windows that you supply. They will know that the manufacturing processes involved are monitored by a leading UKAS accredited certification body to ensure that the products continue to meet the required standards.

Certification of products under LPCB’s Window and Doors Residential Securityscheme is based on a thorough assessment to PAS 24:2012, through a combination of mechanical loading and manual intervention tests, all conducted at BRE’s outstanding test facilities.

PAS 24 is concerned with: External doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk and the specific. It can be applied to windows and doors manufactured from most commonly available materials.

The products are also assessed against the relevant material-specific standard for general performance referenced in BS 6375 – Performance of windows and doors – Parts 1, 2 and 3. The certification process is summarised here [link to certification sub-page].

Secured by Design

Products certificated under the LPCB’s Window and Doors Residential Securityscheme are accepted under Secured by Design (SBD), the official UK Police flagship initiative that supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’. SBD is an holistic approach that brings ‘designing out crime’ together with physical security products.

SBD operates a licensing scheme and has member companies that are entitled to use the Secured by Design logo. They can also use the term ‘Police Preferred Specification’ to promote products that have passed the specified tests – the requirements of which are met under the LPCB scheme.


All LPCB certificated products are immediately listed in RedBook, a source used by specifiers and purchasers around the world when selecting security components.


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