Windows and doors: General Performance certification scheme

Airtightness, impact and weather resistance and acoustic performance of doors and windows

Third party certification under this scheme enables you to showcase the quality of your window and door products in terms of their water tightness, wind resistance and air permeability, as well as their operational, strength, impact resistance and acoustic capabilities.

BRE Global’s Window and Door General Performance certification scheme covers the weather performance and functions of windows and doors manufactured from the most commonly available material types, including aluminium, PVC-u, timber and steel windows and doors.

The standards against which these are assessed and certified include:

  • BS 644 Timber windows and doorsets – Fully finished factory-assembled windows and doorsets of various types – Specification.
  • BS 4873  Aluminium alloy windows and doorsets – Specification
  • BS 6510 Steel-framed windows and glazed doors – Specification
  • BS 7412 Specification for windows and doorsets made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-u) extruded hollow profiles

All of the above draw on the tests and methods described in the BS 6375 series – Performance of windows and doors – and are carried out in BRE Global’s comprehensive test facilities near Watford.

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