Windows and doors: fire performance certification scheme

The standard used to by LPCB for the certification of doors, shutters and windows is LPS 1056

Doors, shutters and windows can play a crucial role in delaying the spread of flames and smoke in the event of fire in a building.  LPCB certification enables manufacturers to assure customers of the effectiveness of their products in this respect, and service providers to demonstrate their ability to install, inspect, maintain and repair these products to a high standard. 

Product certification

The standard used by LPCB for the certification of doors, shutters and windows is LPS 1056 – Test and Evaluation requirements for the LPCB Approval and Listing of Fire Doorsets, Lift Landing Doors and Shutter Assemblies.

LPS 1056 is based on the relevant British and European Standard testing and not only covers the fire integrity and insulation (where applicable) of these products, but also includes reliability cyclic tests and grading. The certification process is summarised here [link to certification sub-page].

Installation, inspection, repair and maintenance

It is important to ensure that the product performance is not compromised by poor installation or lack of service and maintenance. LPCB has two standards to address this:-

  • LPS 1271 Requirements for LPCB Approval and Listing of companies installing fire and security doors, doorsets, shutters and smoke/fire barriers
  • LPS 1197 Requirements for LPCB Approval and Listing of companies inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire and security doors, doorsets, shutter and active smoke/fire barriers


If testing only is required, we can offer this service to the standards below. This (and CE Marking) is provided by BRE Global.

  • BS 476-22 Fire tests on building materials and structures. Method for determination of the fire resistance of non-loadbearing elements of construction
  • EN 1634-1 Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and elements of building hardware. Fire resistance test for door and shutter assemblies and openable windows

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