Windows and doors: CE Marking

As a Notified Body for the Construction Products Regulations (CPR), we offer an extensive range of services to support CE marking.

Following the result of the UK referendum to leave the European Union, BRE Global Ltd remains fully committed to our customers and we will provide the support that they require to deliver their products to the market.

Under the CPR manufacturers must publish product performance declarations, and mark windows and doors with the CE Mark and the appropriate performance of that particular product.   The two standards applicable to the CE Marking of windows and doors are EN 1435 -1 for all windows and doors, and EN 16034 for those with additional fire resistant and/or smoke control capabilities.

EN 14351-1 – Windows and doors. Product standard, performance characteristics. Windows and external pedestrian doorsets without resistance to fire and/or smoke leakage characteristics

There are 23 performance characteristics listed in EN 14351-1. Companies must declare performance for the characteristics that apply to the requirements of Building Regulations in the state where they are to be installed. Where it is not necessary to declare a performance level for a particular characteristic, then the manufacturer can declare “NPD” – No Performance Determined”.

In the UK, the four characteristics that must be declared are “Thermal Transmittance”, “Load Bearing Capacity of Safety Devices”, “Dangerous Substances” and “Ability to Release”. A safety device would be, for example, a window restrictor that would prevent anyone falling from an open window.  Ability to release would include hardware fitted on escape routes, which can be easily released in case of an emergency.

EN 16034 Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows. Product standard, performance characteristics. Fire resisting and/or smoke control characteristics

Doors and windows claiming fire resistant and/or smoke control capabilities are now eligible for CE marking to, EN 16034 – they must already be CE Marked to EN 14351-1.

EN 16034 identifies requirements applicable to all fire resisting and/or smoke control products intended to be used in fire and/or smoke compartmentation and/or escape routes. Annex ZA (Attestation System 1) comprises:

  • Resistance to fire
  • Smoke control
  • Ability to release (locked doors in escape routes)
  • Self-closing (only for self-closing fire doors)
  • Durability of ability to release – NPD not allowed
  • Durability of self-closing – NPD not allowed
  • Factory Production Control by Certification Body

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