Wind and buildings

How will prevailing wind conditions affect the performance of your new development, and how in turn, will it change the local wind environment? These questions are asked of all new building designs, but are particularly important for large developments and those using new and innovative materials, processes and designs that may not be covered by wind loading codes.

The wind’s impact on your building

As the UK’s leading wind engineering centre we work with design teams to fully understand the level and affect of wind loading on a building’s structure, cladding and weathertightness, and the affect of wind conditions on services such as ventilation. Potential problems can then be minimised in the design, along with the risks of having to carry out costly and disruptive remedial work further down the line.

Your building’s impact on the wind environment

We will help you to establish whether a development’s form and layout could affect wind paths and speeds in ways that cause problems for neighbouring buildings and the surrounding area, and reduce the comfort and safety of pedestrians. We’ll then advise on appropriate solutions. Other issues such as pollution dispersion from and around the building can also be addressed.

Such information is particularly important for the Environmental Impact Assessments required for large new developments.

Wind around existing buildings

Wind problems can arise in either high and low prevailing wind conditions. We offer rapid specialist advice and support in identifying the causes of problems, and on the best techniques for minimising them.

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