Innovative methods of construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Innovative construction methods and products, and the innovative use of traditional, natural and recycled materials, increasingly offer new ways of constructing sustainable, affordable homes and other buildings.

We deliver a range of services to help you benefit from innovation – whether you are developing innovative construction methods and applications, or looking for innovations to meet the needs of your construction project. These include:

Design and development –our expert teams providestate-of-the-art advice on innovative system and product design and development. They also evaluate prototypes, carry out market research, conduct feasibility studies andrisk assessments, and delivertraining and approved installer schemes.

Performance- we test and  an provide assistance regarding the best practices in innovative construction products and systems for conformity to building regulations and other relevant standards, including fire performance, durability, structural stability and robustness, acoustics performance, security and thermal performance.

Procurement – our experts will help you to evaluate and select the most appropriate innovative products and systems for your development. We offer whole life costing, supply chain management and bid appraisal services, and will carry out risk assessments and deliver any training needed.

Construction – we help builders and contractors with issues relating to building with innovative systems and products, including the bidding process, selecting innovative systems and suppliers, performance monitoring, risk assessment and training.

Innovation Park – the use of wide ranging innovative construction methods and products, and of innovative natural and recycled materials, are being demonstrated at full scale in a ‘village’ of specially built houses and community buildings at the BRE Innovation Park. You can visit the Park to see for yourself.

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