Glass and glazing

Assessment of design, failure, durability, safety, risk and research and testing services.

Glass is being used in increasing quantities and sizes in the construction of new buildings, including prestige office buildings, retail developments, hotels, leisure centres and new homes.

Designers are pushing the limits of glass use in buildings to maximise its aesthetic appeal, performance and durability. Glass is now used on the walls, floors, roofs and even staircases of buildings.

Glass has the drawback of being a brittle material that fails in tension under load.  The variety of glass types, their performance and modes of breakage present challenging design and specification problems for both small and large-scale projects. The consequences of glass failure often compromise the performance and safety of a building and are, therefore, critical issues for building owners.

Over a number of years BRE has developed expertise in research, testing and consultancy in the area of glass and glazing. This area of our business is concerned with the use of glass in buildings including windows, double glazed units, rooflights, curtain walling, glazing systems, atria and façades.

Other related services include:

  • Independent assessment of design, failure, performance, durability of glass and glazing systems.
  • Safety and risk assessment.
  • Research and testing.
  • Expert advice on all glass and glazing issues and expert witness services.