Fire risk assessment

A fire risk assessment will help you to identify – and deal with – the fire hazards and risks in your organisation.

In England and Wales it is a legal requirement (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) that a ‘responsible person’, usually the employer, carry out a fire risk assessment of their property. Similar requirements apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our experts can help you meet this requirement and improve the safety of your premises.

We helped CLG to draft a number of their guidance documents for the Fire Safety Order, and helped the Department of Health draft their Guidance on fire risk assessments in complex healthcare premises. We also provided the lead contributions to the sections on the management of fire safety for BS 9999:2008 and CIBSE Guide E.

Our fire safety experts can help you with:

Fire safety reviews and fire risk assessments – of individual buildings or whole estates during the design stage and after completion or occupation. We can also help to develop an organisation’s fire safety strategy.

Business continuity and environmental protection – we offer business continuity and environmental fire risk assessments, hazard audits (qualitative risk assessments), fire load surveys and general fire system assessments.

Quantitative fire risk assessment – the range of tools and techniques we use includes UK fire statistics analysis, event tree methods and our CRISP model which simulates fire growth, smoke movement, detection, suppression, human behaviour and evacuation. We also offer cost-benefit analysis for different fire safety systems and strategies.

Fire Training – we can:

  • train the responsible person to carry out fire risk assessments
  • deliver fire risk assessor courses to staff
  • train consultants to become fire risk assessors

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