Energy strategies for new developments

Helping developers meet planning requirements

Local, regional and national planning policies are placing an ever increasing emphasis on the need to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. It is therefore imperative that proposals for new developments clearly demonstrate how they will:

  • Minimise the demand for energy
  • Supply remaining energy requirements efficiently
  • Increase the use of renewable energy.

Policy requirements often result in the need for an energy strategy to be produced in order to explain how the concept of sustainable energy has been applied to a particular development. The energy strategy is usually supplied as a supporting document to the planning application.

BRE’s experts have extensive experience of producing energy strategies on behalf of developers. Whether for a small scale project or a major mixed use development, our strategies are informed by detailed modelling work based on established and respected calculation methods such as SAP and SBEM.

Our understanding of the need to liaise closely with local stakeholders coupled with our technical knowledge of different technologies ensures a smoother path through the planning process.