Emissions into air, soil and water

Analysis and evaluation of chemical emissions from construction products into air, soil and water

Indoor air

BRE has specialist environmental chamber and analytical facilities to undertake the evaluation of chemical emissions from construction products. CEN TC351 has identified this type of test as the basis for the required horizontal standards for emission to indoor air. The tests can also provide data for the evaluation of the potential human exposure to chemicals resulting from the use of products. This is of value in product assessments for other regulations such as the Biocides Directive and REACH.

Soil and Water

BRE and their associates can undertake the following leaching procedures, leachate analysis and interpret the results of the following:

Concrete, aggregates and related materials

  • Aggregate leaching and leachate analysis to BSEN 1744-3 & BSEN12457-3
  • Waste characterisation to BSEN12457-2 and BSEN457-3
  • Column leaching tests (triaxial or fixed wall, various pH’s)
  • Assessment of monolithic leaching of stony and earthy construction materials (NEN 7345- 64 day diffusion test.


BRE can provide:

  • Comparisons with landfill acceptance and water/environmental quality standards
  • Comparisons  between by-products/wastes and natural or untreated materials
  • Advice on the implications of leaching test results to the potential uses of materials in construction.


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