Ecology and biodiversity

Creating places where bio-diversity of plants, animals and people can thrive

Ecology – the impact of the building on the local ecosystem, bio-diversity and land use has taken on a new importance and is no longer seen as an afterthought to a new development. Its contribution to community build has been re-evaluated to the extent that it is now a major part of BREEAM, as well as Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD), Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP)

BRE offers a full range of services for clients seeking sound ecological advice that will help them comply with the planning system – from ecological scoping and protected species surveys to environmental impact assessment and ground-works contracting.

Our bio-diversity and ecology expertise includes:

  • Phase I and Walkover Surveys
  • Phase II Surveys -The National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
  • Specialist Plant Surveys
  • BS 5837 Tree Survey
  • Protected Species including bats
  • Invasive Plant Species
  • EIA and Public Inquiry
  • Environmental Planning
  • Land Management
  • GIS

Demonstrations of innovative ecological landscaping can be seen on the BRE Innovation Park

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