Approvals and Listings

Approval means confirmation by an expert third party that products and systems meet and continue to meet appropriate standards.

Approval provides a higher degree of confidence in the performance of a product than a ‘test’, as it involves regular auditing to ensure compliance with the prevailing standards, which themselves are subject to regular revision.

This ongoing auditing process also helps to confirm that the product on the market is exactly the same as the product which was originally tested and approved.

We believe our approval marks – LPCB, BREEAM and others – stand for something special – they are true ‘quality marks’ which are recognised across the world.

Our approval process involves rigorous assessments and/or testing of products and services to ensure that they meet and continue to meet quality standards set by experts including, manufacturers, installers, designers, clients, regulators, insurers, engineers and scientists.

Our approvals are

  • risk assessment based
  • developed by experts
  • recognised by regulators, major clients and insurers
  • built upon independent science-based research from across the BRE Group

Certification, through regular audits, ensures that a product or service continues to comply with the standard and we grant approved product or service status based on rigorous certification.


All LPCB approved fire safety and security products are listed in the ‘Red Book’. These listings can be downloaded free of charge from and also via Apps for your smartphones and tablets. A click through to the App stores is available on the home page of is a free online database designed to help specifiers and end users identify products and services that can help to reduce their environmental impacts. It brings together listings from several organisations to deliver comprehensive information on green products and services, some approved under BRE Global certification schemes (for example for microgeneration products and services) with other listings provided by other reputable bodies.

Green Book Live lists licensed BRE Global Accredited Energy Assessors,  BREEAM assessors and the new BREEAM Approved Practitioners.

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