Airtightness and leakage

The BRE airtightness team have over 20 years of experience of airtightness testing and are available to help you at every stage of your project from design and construction, through to completion.

Our expert team have a wealth of involvement and knowledge to assess your compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Building Regulations Part L2 “Conservation of Fuel and Power” was revised in 2010. The aim of the latest revision is to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2emissions. Important revisions include:

  • National calculation methods for domestic (SAP) and non-domestic buildings (SBEM – developed by BRE)
  • Mandatory pressure tests for non-domestic buildings and sample pressure testing for domestic units

Excerpt from Part L2

20B.-(1) This regulation applies to the erection of a building.

(2) Where this regulation applies, the person carrying out the work shall, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with Regulation 17C and paragraph L1(a)(i) of Schedule 1-

a. ensure that, in such circumstances as are approved by the Secretary of State, appropriate air pressure testing is carried out in accordance with a procedure approved by the Secretary of State; and
b. give a copy of the results of the testing to the local authority.

(3) The results of the testing referred to in paragraph
(2)(a)shall be-

a.   recorded in a manner approved by the Secretary of State; and

b. given to the local authority in accordance with paragraph (2)(b) not later than the date on which the notice required by regulation 15(4) or regulation 16A(3) is given.

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