20 years since privatisation – 20 years of the BRE Trust

Following 75 years as a building research agency of government, BRE was privatised in March 1997 by then Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine in the last days a conservative government. Reactions from across the construction sector were unequivocal: BRE won’t survive because no one will pay privately for research. Well here we are two decades later under the ownership of the BRE Trust not just surviving but thriving and growing an international base for our business so we can drive our positive impact across a global built environment.

Open Day - Friday 8 September

You joined us at the BRE Trusts’ 20th anniversary.

It was 20 years since BRE came under the ownership of the BRE Trust – the largest UK charity dedicated specifically to research and education in the built environment. The day consisted of celebratory seminars, tours and demonstrations on our Watford site designed to give you a sense of our past and present.

Our guests had the chance to tour some of BRE’s world leading faciilties, meet with our experts, explore the latest offerings at the BRE Innovation Park, and saw for the first time our new anechoic chamber and sound transmission suites, which was officially opened by our VIP guest during the open day.

Seminar sessions provided an insight into the research carried out with BRE Trust funding into a number of areas, including the cost to society and the NHS of poor housing in the UK, studies into the way indoor lighting can affect our performance, and more. The outcomes from BRE Trust thematic research programmes, including the BRE Trust Cities Programme were also covered.

See our BRE Trust Video, celebrating our 20th anniversary.