When a Craic is no fun at all…

No laughing matter On putting together this blog I found out that the word ‘Craic’ (pronounced ‘crack’) is not actually Irish. It is a Scottish/Northern English word which means ‘having a laugh’. Crack also has other meanings, but I’ll leave that up to you to find out. Cracks are inevitable in virtually all types of construction … Continue reading “When a Craic is no fun at all…”

BIM at Clerkenwell Design Week

On the 23rd May, Sean McCormick, Senior BIM Consultant for BRE will be speaking at Clerkenwell Design Week, where visitors will hear first hand about technology and the digital world are helping the construction industry to grow forwards. Sean will talk through several elements, including: The evolution of the Information Age and how it has … Continue reading “BIM at Clerkenwell Design Week”

Hotel Operators set energy saving challenge for Hertfordshire SMEs

Hertfordshire’s top hotels are challenging local SMEs to come up with innovative solutions to help them reduce their energy consumption. The Hotel Low Carbon Challenge, launched this week by the Hertfordshire Low Carbon Innovation Network, is being run by building science centre BRE in partnership with the Green Triangle and Synoptic Technologies and is part-funded … Continue reading “Hotel Operators set energy saving challenge for Hertfordshire SMEs”

Spacecraft to basements: exploring the frontiers of fire safety at third BRE Fire Research Conference

BRE’s 2017 Fire Research Conference brings together its most diverse programme of papers yet on contemporary fire engineering challenges, ranging from space travel and airports, to photovoltaic energy and product regulation in the wake of BREXIT. Featuring guest speakers alongside BRE fire engineers and investigators, other themes include multi-sensor detectors and fire alarms, innovations in … Continue reading “Spacecraft to basements: exploring the frontiers of fire safety at third BRE Fire Research Conference”

BRE and Loughborough University to create dementia-friendly demonstration home

16 May 2017 Construction of a new ‘dementia-friendly’ home aimed at learning how better to support those living with the condition will begin on the BRE Innovation Park this Autumn. The 100sqm Victorian house will be adapted to cater for different types, and stages, of the debilitating illness, and is aimed at allowing sufferers to … Continue reading “BRE and Loughborough University to create dementia-friendly demonstration home”

Specifying Innovative & Sustainable Systems

Collaboration was the order of the day at the Constructing Excellence Sustainability Theme Group Meeting on Specifying Innovative and Sustainable Systems.  The workshop, delivered in partnership with the Innovation Gateway and hosted at the BRE Innovation Park, looked at how innovative solutions move from concept to widespread implementation and use within the built environment.  With … Continue reading “Specifying Innovative & Sustainable Systems”

Responsibility for environmental irresponsibility

For many industries, organisations and businesses, waste and environmental impact is a necessary by-product of the various activities undertaken. Under the 1990 Environmental Protection Act it is a business’s own responsibility to ensure the proper disposal of any waste produced. This is referred to as the Duty of Care. However, how to manage disposal (and … Continue reading “Responsibility for environmental irresponsibility”