We pride ourselves on being able to provide the answer to virtually any construction-related testing question.

Backed by an extraordinary range of test facilities, our experts test individual materials and products, building systems, engineering structures and whole buildings, using established methods and bespoke research tests and simulations. We typically test against published standards, but can develop dedicated procedures for new, unique or innovative products.

We offer expert services in areas that include:

Engineering support
We undertake specialist testing and investigations into the real behaviour of structures, systems and products. Our structures laboratory is big enough to test at full scale, taking loads from 1kN to 10,000kN.
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Wind loading
Among the best in the UK, our wind engineering test facilities include wind tunnels in which natural wind can be simulated for environments ranging from open country to city centres.
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Fire safety
With one of the largest fire research and testing laboratories in Europe, we offer fire resistance testing for the construction, marine, offshore and other industries. Find out more.

We provide expert services in building acoustics, environmental noise surveying and assessment, transportation (traffic, railway and aircraft) noise and noise mapping. Find out more.

Indoor environments
Our testing and monitoring services include: acoustics, airtightness testing, energy use, HVAC, air quality, lighting assessments, pollution and ventilation. Find out more.

A fuller list of our test capabilities is available here [link to matrix].

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Call us on 0333 321 88 11 if you would like to know more about our testing services or need help with a particular project – or email enquiries@bre.co.uk