After the rigours of developing a new product comes the difficult task of getting it accepted in the market. Our Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) scheme helps you overcome this barrier.

Successfully marketing innovative, environmentally beneficial products can be a problem simply because they are new, or are offered by someone unknown to the industry. Added to this, new technologies often can’t benefit from testing and assessment using recognised industry standards and certification schemes.

This is where ETV can help.

ETV is a flexible and user-friendly process designed to help innovators and developers gain market recognition for their products. BRE Global is a UKAS accredited ETV verification body with extensive knowledge of environmental technologies. We offer expert ETV services for innovative technologies in the categories of Energy and Materials, Waste & Resources.

Our team will help you to demonstrate the benefits of your product to an international audience. With our extensive in-house testing capabilities, industry networks and vast experience, we work alongside you to develop and implement a bespoke and fully costed verification plan.

On successfully completing the verification we’ll give you an information packed Statement of Verification that you can use to:

  • provide independent proof, from an industry respected organisation, that your product does what it claims
  • give financiers and customers the confidence they need to invest in your product
  • support commercial bids and public tenders
  • save the time and expense of repeating tests and demonstrations for different clients.

The ETV process

Quick Scan. We use the Quick Scan to collect basic information about you and your technology to confirm its eligibility for ETV, and to estimate verification costs.

Verification Proposal. You tell us more about your technology including its design, specification, how its quality is maintained, what it does and how well it does this, and what environmental benefits it brings.

Verification Contract. We review this information and prepare a Verification Contract that includes the testing and/or analyses needed for your ETV as well as a detailed costing.

Verification Report. When your testing/analyses are complete we will review the results and prepare a Verification Report that includes the information relevant to the verification process.

Statement of Verification. At the end of the process we issue your Statement of Verification which is also submitted to the European Commission. You can use this to give buyers and financiers the confidence they need to invest in your technology.

Tell us about your product

Simply call or send us an email – there’s no initial cost or obligation – tell us about your product and let us explain the process to you.
T: +44 (0)333 321 8811

More information
Our ETV flyer provides concise information on the scheme.
Our Quick Scan form collects information to confirm ETV eligibility and estimate verification costs.
The ETV Guide for Proposers is a comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to apply for ETV.
The ETV General Verification Protocol describes the procedures guiding the ETV process and the requirements for the different organisations taking part.

Financial support is available for SMEs
Financial support of up to 50% of the value invoiced for verification services (but not testing) may be available if you meet the European Commission’s criteria for SMEs. We will confirm your eligibility, and the amount of any support available, before asking you to sign a contract.

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