Our track record of building research is second to none. From providing homes for soldiers returning from World War 1, to the resilience of today’s buildings to climate change, we have been at the forefront of research and development for nearly a century.

BRE provides impartial research services to local and national government in the UK and internationally, and to businesses and other private sector organisations around the world. We also conduct our own research programmes, funded by the BRE Trust (see below) from our commercial operations, often in partnership with other research organisations and research funders.

Bringing your ideas to life
Our capacity to generate new knowledge, support and test new ideas underpins the research services we offer in almost every aspect of the built environment. A few examples include:

Materials – we have some of the most comprehensive materials research capabilities in the world. Our experts deal with all issues relating to the properties, use and sustainability of construction materials, and with new materials research.

Fire – with one of the largest and most advanced fire research facilities in Europe, we offer research and investigation services in all fire issues concerning buildings, infrastructure and transport.

Solar energy – the BRE National Solar Centre (NSC), based at the Eden Project in Cornwall, is the UK’s centre of excellence for solar energy growth and innovation, working with industry, universities, business and others to help the solar industry develop and thrive.

Find out about some of the research projects that have been funded through the BRE Trust

Tackling today’s challenges

A show home at BRE’s Watford site has been refurbished with materials, products and innovations to make it flood resilient, as part of research funded by the BRE Trust, AXA and other partners to help deal with increased flooding – a likely feature of climate change in some regions.

This a typical example of the huge range of projects funded by the Trust, along with themed research programmes such as Future cities and support for five BRE University Centres of Excellence. Much of this work informs government policy and regulation on issues such as energy efficiency, sustainability, CO2 reduction and fire safety.

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Biophilic office

The Biophilic Office

A new research and demonstration project the biophilic office project will look at how we can make working environments beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the workers.