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We’re living in a world that’s developing fast. The drive for society to be more secure, healthy and happy is ever more pressing. To create cities, communities and buildings that solve challenges, we must look at solutions from all angles, innovating together to create greater resilience in the sector.

We deliver the expertise to help you deliver productively, sustainably and responsibly engineered property portfolios, communities, and infrastructure that shape the future for a better world.

Helping you meet property industry challenges by:

  • Reducing risk
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Increasing resilience and return on investment

We offer solutions for every stage of the property lifecycle

Site selection & evaluation

Investing in property and developing a property strategy requires careful planning and preparation. We can help you make the right decisions, at the right time to enhance your portfolio and make a sound investment, whether that is for an individual building asset or the long-term management and development of a portfolio. Our products and services include:

Our strategic advisory services 
Not sure what BRE products or services are best for you? We can will help you to identify and create higher quality developments that meet help exceed legislative, client, safety, social and environmental requirements throughout a your project.

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Planning, design and specification

There is a huge opportunity to design and specify property assets that are more resilient, more sustainable and provide better return on investment for people, property and the planet. As well as those listed in previous lifecycle stages, more products and services in planning, design and specification include:

Use of BIM
Digital BIM solutions can help reduce cost, lead times and errors, and improve efficiency. Using BIM and digital construction infrastructure gives you an opportunity to realise the value of a property asset over its life cycle.

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The trusted mark of sustainability in over 75 countries around the world. BREEAM Communities helps you integrate sustainable design into the masterplanning of new communities or regeneration projects, as well as making savings and payback.

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Part of the BREEAM family, it promotes and celebrates the achievement of high environmental and social performance in civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping, and public realm projects.

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The security assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings and built infrastructure assets. SABRE provides you with a means of minimising risk in investments and making them more attractive to future tenants.

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Construction and post construction

Maximising productivity and improving the performance of the construction process can bring benefits to clients, developers and the whole supply chain. We have tools that put you in charge of the construction process and digital platforms that allow you to benchmark improvement. As well as those listed in previous lifecycle stages, more products and services include:

From saving time to saving lives, SiteSmart insight gives you tools to help you monitor and report on health, safety, process and environmental information, SiteSmart includes online digital tools, vital training, publications and industry-wide statistics to ensure you have all the information at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and money.

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Occupation and post construction

We carry out post occupancy evaluations to determine how well a building is performing, as well as construction troubleshooting and building investigations to identify and solve problems. As well as those listed in previous lifecycle stages, more products and services include:

Strategic advisory services
Post-Occupancy Evaluation, part of our strategic advisory services, is valuable in all construction sectors, especially healthcare, education, offices, commercial and housing, where poor building performance will impact on running costs, occupant wellbeing and business efficiency.

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BREEAM schemes covering In-Use and Refurbishment and Fit-Out which help you maximise the sustainability performance of an existing building, as well as making savings and payback.

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Re-use (Deconstruction)

The end of life of a property asset is an opportunity to recover value and reinvent spaces to meet new and growing demand. As well as those listed in previous lifecycle stages, more products and services include:

Strategic advisory services
To develop strategies to maximise the value of a property asset over its lifetime, and effectively use/re-use the value in redundant or end-of-life buildings. More imaginative thinking around buildings as material banks has the potential to revolutionise our approach to the property world.

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BRE has hundreds of product and services across the whole lifecycle stage of the built environment.  See our full list of products and services

Across the whole of the property lifecycle

Networks, memberships

Constructing Excellence
A platform for industry improvement to deliver excellence. Providing expertise knowledge shared through clients, industry and users through collaborative working.

Constructing Excellence

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Knowledge, training, career development

BRE Academy
The BRE Academy is the leading training provider for the built environment. The go-to online & classroom training, knowledge & expertise centre.

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How can the property sector thrive?

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How can biophilic design improve health & wellbeing?

Biophilic design acknowledges that we are genetically connected to nature and that a human centred approach can improve many of the spaces that we live and work, with numerous benefits to our health and wellbeing and efficiency. The scientific evidence for the positive influence of biophilic design, on the health and wellbeing of building occupants is substantial and growing.

See more on how BRE, working with a range of partners, is gathering the evidence

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