Safety and Security

As homes, buildings and communities are built, the safety and security of construction employees and the general public is paramount. When buildings are occupied, the need to keep people safe and secure continues.

We help our customers protect people with our standards and assessments that ensure fire and security products and services perform effectively. We are the people behind LPCB, the leading force in fire and security approvals and the publisher of RedBook with over 14,500 listings to help our customers source the products and service providers that fulfil the standards we set.


Fire safety is a complex and highly regulated issue, whether you are supplying fire safety products and services, designing and building new developments, or managing buildings and infrastructure.


Safety must be the primary concern of everyone designing, constructing, managing and maintaining buildings, communities and infrastructure. We offer a wide range of services to help ensure that safety risks are minimised and regulatory requirements are met.


We work to enhance the security of buildings, and reduce the risk and fear of crime in towns and communities.

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