Update on BS 8414 cladding testing

Thank you bearing with us over the past few months following the Grenfell tower fire while we carried out the initial ACM screening tests and the large scale BS8414  fire tests on cladding systems on behalf of DCLG.

The large scale programme is now complete and we are taking action to expedite the BS8414 customer testing that was postponed during that time. Since Grenfell we have received significant numbers of new enquiries – many of which are not straightforward or easy to action but we expect to have worked our way through these over the next few days. After that we will start scheduling new tests for customers.

We fully understand the pressure manufacturers, building owners and others are under to give certainty about the performance of their cladding systems. Please be reassured that we have 4 tests rigs, we have recruited more people to support the demand for tests and we are also looking at ways to increase capacity by extending the hours we test in.

For a more direct and effective dialogue we have set up a new enquires email inbox: cladding.enquiries@bre.co.uk. Please use this for all communications.